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Baloise Vie Luxembourg Policy for managing conflicts of interest

Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A. attaches great importance to the management of conflicts of interest, particularly when they are likely to jeopardise clients' interests.

As a company, Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A. indeed serves the interest of different parties. These interests are often parallel, but can also be divergent or even contradictory. The therefore need to have an appropriate framework.

Through its policy for managing conflicts of interest, Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A. exposes the lines of conduct allowing it to master these problems with a view to treating its stakeholders loyally, equitably and professionally. It contributes to correct and ethical conduct and good corporate governance, as prescribed by the current regulations and the code of conduct of Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A.. It also describes the potential situations of conflicts of interest and the mechanisms put in place for detecting and managing them, particularly as regards certain types of conflicts that may arise.

This policy has been approved by the management of Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A. and is considered as an essential element for the activity and the continuity of the services offered by Baloise Vie Luxembourg S.A..

If you wish to consult the conflict of interest policy, please send a request to the following e-mail address: